Hot Water Pressure Washing

Diamondstar Polishers knows concrete. We have the equipment and the knowledge to make your concrete look the best it can look. We provide that deep cleaning solution that is required to uproot the harsh stains and bacteria found in most concrete slabs. Concrete surfaces are very porous and have a tendency to absorb foreign substances very easily. Our Hot Water Pressure units heats up the surface and pulls most foreign substances right out of the ground. Old gum and stubborn stains are no problem in most cases. Our unit can push 5 gallons of hot water a minute. DFP specializes in industrial concrete slabs morning, noon or night so no job is too large for us.
  • Grease, oil, and other difficult vehicle leaks

  • Chewing gum

  • Dirt, detritus, and almost any other buildup

California Compliant water RECYCLING SYSTEM
Mobile Water Recovery –

Hydro Tek Pressure Washer SC35OO6HG
SC Series: Mobile Wash Skid – Self-Contained, Gas Powered, Diesel Heated
5.5 gallons per minute
250°F steam cleaning capable
688cc GX630 Honda Gas

Hydro Tek RZV10E1 Filtration System 9.8 GPM
Vacuum Recovery Rate up to 12 GPM
Wastewater Process Rate 9.8 GPM

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